Rain glorious rain

After last year’s dry spring that caused much consternation for us tree planters as well as the loss of a good number of the trees that we planted we have been blessed by rain at the right time of the year for the 1000 or so trees that were planted this winter.  The trees are all looking healthy and their leaves are just beginning to burst.  Hopefully this year will see virtually no fatalities.  In order to help make sure this doesn’t happen, volunteers mulched many of these trees this morning with bark chippings very kindly provided by Thanet District Council.  Adding mulch around the trees will help make sure that weeds don’t grow up around the trees competing for moisture and nutrients as well as adding organic material slowly to the soil.  Here at Dane Valley Woods we would like to thank all of those who turned up and would like to apologise for all of the rain.  Unfortunately, the three hour window of sunshine that we had ordered didn’t turn up.  Thankfully, the trees didn’t seem to mind.

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