Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is taking place on Monday 8 July, 7pm @ Taddy’s Barn, East Northdown Farm Nursery, George Hill Road, Margate. On the agenda is the following:

1) Purpose of AGM

2) Minutes of the last AGM (14 June 2012)

3) Chair’s Report (Steve Darling)

4) Treasurer’s Report (Michaela Flint)

5) Dane Valley Elders

The steering group has the discretion to nominate persons for this award, having been deemed to have made a significant contribution to the project. This year, no new nominations were received.

6) Amendments to Constitution

Proposed new rule:


Members elected to the Steering Group, either at the AGM under Rule 6, or by co-option under Rule 8, shall be expected to maintain regular attendance at Steering Group meetings and on-site task days. Any member who fails to attend three consecutive Steering Group meetings shall have been deemed to have resigned from the Steering Group by default; unless mitigating circumstances are commonly known, or if reasons are explained in writing to the Chair or Secretary in advance of the third meeting of absence; and that these reasons or mitigating circumstances are accepted by a majority vote of the remaining Steering Group members.

7) Any Other Business

No requests have been received.

8) Election of Steering Group

Six people have put themselves forward: Steve Darling, Kashmir Flint, Michaela Flint, Carol Davenport, Paul Harrison, and Evie Bünte.


All members of the community are welcome to attend, whether or not they wish to be considered for the Steering Group. Come along and find out more about us!

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