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Summer surveys round II

Following success last year in finding a brown argus butterfly, Malcolm Watling visited Dane Valley Woods back in July to try and re-spot the rare beauty.  Whilst he did not find the brown argus, he recorded the first ever orchid found at the woodlands, a wonderful surprise for us! Read what he found below:

On the 2nd and 3rd September, I visited the woods again to see which butterflies would still be around.  There were lots of Small Whites, several Large Whites, two each of Common Blue and Small Copper, and one each of Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Comma and Brown Argus.  The Brown Argus was in exactly the same place as my observation of one last year.  This is encouraging, because it probably shows that they are breeding here, and they are known not to wander far from their colonies.   The female of the Common Blue is brown and can look very like a Brown Argus, but can be distinguished by differences in the spots on the underside, especially an extra spot on the forewing.  You can see that some of the butterflies are quite worn and ragged after a busy summer dashing about amongst the grass.


Malcolm also sent photos along with captions, to help identify certain butterfly species, check them out below!

brown-argus-underside brown-argus common-blue-underside-bletchley-buckinghamshire common-blue small-copper-1

Summer surveys

In between the rain and wind, we have had a few sunny days, and these are the best times to find wildlife at Dane Valley Woods.

We were contacted again by Malcolm Watling, who sent us in a butterfly survey here, from last year. This year he said:

‘The weather hasn’t been very butterfly friendly during my visits to Margate this year, but the 3rd July had some useful sunny intervals when I visited the site.  There weren’t many butterflies, but that was partly because this time of year is between the spring and summer broods of some species.  However, the Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns had recently begun to appear, and there were quite a few of them around, despite the rather cool wind.  I saw several Small Whites, some Holly Blues, a couple of Small Skippers and one each of Large Skipper, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Burnet moth and the pale, summer form of the Comma.  A botanical bonus was a Pyramidal Orchid in the Oxeye Daisy area patch.’

Pyramidal orchid

Such a beautiful photo from the eagle-eyed Malcolm!

Elsewhere in the woods, we have spotted 10 lizards in just a 20 minute stretch, including yet anther rare colour variation of the common lizard, which can be spotted in the middle in the photo below.