Land Management Plan

Today marks a significant milestone for Dane Valley Woods. For the last six months we have been working hard on developing a Land Management Plan in conjunction with White Horse Ecology, and we are excited to reveal that it is now complete and ready to be shared with the community. So, what is a Land Management Plan? Well, it serves a number of purposes:-

  • to guide our work over the next few years
  • to summarise our progress to date
  • to describe habitats and the wildlife found within
  • to set out our ethos, what we want to achieve and why
  • to supply land management information to the landowner (TDC)
  • to support future funding applications
  • to summarise all the above in an easy to read format

The plan is not intended to be static, and the success or otherwise of the various objectives will be reviewed, as we adjust to community feedback and the ever changing site conditions. The main headlines are as follows:-

✅ smaller scale tree planting, with a greater emphasis on tree maintenance
✅ glades and open areas for people and wildlife
✅ habitat interventions such as reptile refuges, dry hedges and bird boxes
✅ control of invasive species
✅ extending the path network in the woods
✅ public engagement events and site interpretation
✅ investigating an upgrade in designation to a Local Wildlife Site

Click on the links below to read the full Land Management Plan and the associated Work Plan.

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